Wolfdog Database

Welcome to the Database for

Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs

Some areas are only accessible for registered users.

After you've logged in you can edit your dogs data.

Registered breeders may also edit data of their kennel as well as of their puppies. Furthermore breeder can announce oncoming litters.

Breeder as well as studs/bitches are shown in google-maps. (If their data are up to date and an address has been submitted).

All data which are not verified will be marked respectively.

For errors and / or suggestions as a comment function is available;-) I try to do everything as quickly as possible!

The database is still in its beginning (starting March 2013), there are still a lot of things to do - one by one;-)

I am still trying to install a small forum and install a similar program like CSV stat

Suggestions are welcome, together we can create a current database!