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Claudia Paolini

Ulisse Mazzaferri

Contrada San Donato -moro 32 -

66026 66026 Ortona (CH)


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Dogs owned

Pic Dog
Delicate Sound of ThunderDelicate Sound of Thundermale
Ezechiele Olim PalusEzechiele Olim Palusmale
Funny GirlFunny Girlfemale
Ivan il Terribile EzechielelupoIvan il Terribile Ezechielelupomale
Jungle Jiulia Olim PalusJungle Jiulia Olim Palusfemale
Viki Passo del LupoViki Passo del Lupofemale
Daisy JaneDaisy Janefemale

Dogs from this kennel: 62

2018-01-30 Wapy x Belen
Jammin Ezechielelupo Jammin Ezechielelupo female
Jena Pliskey Ezechielelupo Jena Pliskey Ezechielelupo male
Jump Ezechielelupo Jump Ezechielelupo female
Jungle Julia Ezechielelupo Jungle Julia Ezechielelupo female
2017-10-25 Ezechiele Olim Palus x Jungle Jiulia Olim Palus
I Still Haven'T Found What I'M Looking For Ezechielelupo I Still Haven'T Found What I'M Looking For Ezechielelupo female
Imagine Ezechielelupo Imagine Ezechielelupo female
Innuendo Ezechielelupo Innuendo Ezechielelupo female
Ip Man Ezechielelupo Ip Man Ezechielelupo male
Ivan il Terribile Ezechielelupo Ivan il Terribile Ezechielelupo male
2017-07-02 Greco de La Gretosa x Dangerous Girl
Hyra Ezechielelupo Hyra Ezechielelupo female
2016-08-12 Ezechiele Olim Palus x Jungle Jiulia Olim Palus
Gedeone Ezechielelupo Gedeone Ezechielelupo male
Gengis Khan Ezechielelupo Gengis Khan Ezechielelupo male
Georgia on my mind Ezechielelupo Georgia on my mind Ezechielelupo female
Gioia Infinita Ezechielelupo Gioia Infinita Ezechielelupo female
Giulietta Ezechielelupo Giulietta Ezechielelupo female
Godyva Ezechielelupo Godyva Ezechielelupo female
Gorbi Ezechielelupo Gorbi Ezechielelupo male
2016-01-21 Ezechiele Olim Palus x Arimminum Mira
Achela Achela male
Adolph Adolph male
Alice Alice female
Ania Ania female
Anubi Anubi male
Apache Apache male
Ariel Ariel female
Asterix Asterix male
2015-11-16 Ezechiele Olim Palus x Jungle Jiulia Olim Palus
F'Ice F'Ice male
Favola Favola female
Feelings Feelings female
Fernando Fernando male
Freddy Mercury Freddy Mercury male
Fulmine Fulmine male
Funny Girl Funny Girl female
Furia dei Lupi Furia dei Lupi female
2015-01-18 Ezechiele Olim Palus x Jungle Jiulia Olim Palus
E Lucean le Stelle E Lucean le Stelle male
Easy Lady Easy Lady female
Edge of the Heaven Edge of the Heaven male
Eleanor Rigby Eleanor Rigby female
Every Breath You Take Every Breath You Take male
Eye of the Tiger Eye of the Tiger male
2013-10-20 Ezechiele Olim Palus x Jungle Jiulia Olim Palus
Daisy Jane Daisy Jane female
Dangerous Girl Dangerous Girl female
Dark Sweet Lady Dark Sweet Lady female
Delicate Sound of Thunder Delicate Sound of Thunder male
Diamond Dark Diamond Dark male
Don’t Stop Me Now Don’t Stop Me Now male
Don’t Worry Be Happy Don’t Worry Be Happy male
2012-12-21 Arimminum Olcan x Grace Olim Palus
Afrodite Afrodite female
Apollo Apollo male
Ares Ares male
Artemide Artemide female
Astrea Astrea female
Atena Atena female
Aurora Aurora female
2012-12-21 Arimminum Olcan x Viki Passo del Lupo
Calipso Calipso female
Cannelle Cannelle female
Circe Circe female
Curry Curry female
2012-11-04 Ezechiele Olim Palus x Jungle Jiulia Olim Palus
Balder Balder male
Balthazar Balthazar male
Belen Belen female
Blizzard Blizzard male
Bloody Sunday Bloody Sunday male