Esposizione Internazionale di Orvieto flagit



Judge Denis Kuzelj (Slovenia)

Puppy Class
Quentin Olimpus Lupi del Montalevery promising 1.       
Junior Class
CrollExcellent 1.       
Devil MaverickVery Good 2.       
Indermediate Class
Jerry Lee Olim PalusExcellent 1. BOBBest MaleCAC CACIB     
Caspian dei Lupi di GubbioExcellent 2.   res. CAC     
Open Class
BlustererExcellent 1.       
Working Class
Voice of Wolf z Molu EsExcellent 1.   res. CAC res. CACIB    
Ostin Lupi del MontaleExcellent 2.   res. CAC     
Puppy Class
Żela z Peronówkivery promising 1. Best Puppy     
Lupimax Dewvery promising 2.       
Junior Class
Arimminum EywaExcellent 1. Best Junior     
Indermediate Class
Joy Olim PalusExcellent 1.  CAC CACIB     
Dalila' ZoeExcellent 2.   res. CAC     
Working Class
Arimminum Blaze of GloryExcellent 1.   res. CAC res. CACIB    
AshokaExcellent 2.   res. CAC