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Leipzig, Germany

Judge Štefan Šinko (Slovenia)

Puppy Class
Istas vom Dreiburgenblickvery promising 1      
Junior Class
Hrašek vom DreiburgenblickExcellent 1  Dt. Jug.-Ch. (VDH)   
Open Class
Anuk Atius TirawaExcellent 1  res. CAC res. CACIBDt. Ch. (VDH)   
Alter Ego Wolfdog BohemiaExcellent 2  res. Dt. Ch. (VDH)   
Dark Shadow the Wolf I. Lord of LasvegasExcellent 3      
Dalajlama Waawanyankacannot be juged      
Working Class
Loki Passo del LupoExcellent 1BOS CAC CACIB Dt. Ch. (VDH)   
Junior Class
Baffy Atius TirawaExcellent 1  Dt. Jug.-Ch. (VDH)   
Indermediate Class
Crudelia Passo Del LupoExcellent 1  Dt. Ch. (VDH)   
Open Class
Utha von Königs TerryExcellent 1  Dt. Ch. (VDH)   
Atari-willow Wolf of MystikaExcellent 1  Dt. Ch. (VDH)   
Anori  not present      
Candina Norský vlk  not present      
Akira Wolfdog Bohemia  not present      
Working Class
Selvaggia Passo Del LupoExcellent 1BOB CAC CACIB Dt. Ch. (VDH)   
Dobrica vom DreiburgenblickExcellent 2  res. Dt. Ch. (VDH)   
Champion Class
Vacuna Passo del LupoExcellent 1  res. CAC res. CACIBDt. Ch. (VDH)   
Beyzanur z Molu Es  not present