Raduno di Ercolano flagit


Ercolano, Italy

Judge Giuseppe Alessandra (Italy)

Baby Class
Diranvery promising 1      
Norwayvery promising 2      
Open Class
Crying Wolf 1996 NestorExcellent 1 CAC     
Tre Quarti Di Luna TatooExcellent 2  res. CAC     
A'NatanExcellent 3      
Working Class
Spencer Passo Del LupoExcellent 1 CAC     
Zero Passo Del LupoExcellent 2      
BolthorcinoVery Good 3      
Champion Class
Dungie Darko Lupi del MontaleExcellent 1BOS      
Tre Quarti Di Luna TaleteExcellent 2      
Mozart Olim PalusExcellent 3      
Alvin Passo del Lupocannot be juged      
Baby Class
Dynastyvery promising 1      
Arimminum Dehavery promising 2      
Glock Pack Deva Kaliskavery promising 3      
Ania Lupi Di Montecastrovery promising 4      
Puppy Class
Celinevery promising 1Best Puppy     
Junior Class
Mirach LupimaxExcellent 1      
Fatima Vlčí tlapkaExcellent 2      
Indermediate Class
Runa Olim PalusExcellent 1  res. CAC     
Open Class
Meredith Olim PalusExcellent 1 CAC     
BrigitteExcellent 2      
HysteriaExcellent 3      
Working Class
BoraExcellent 1 CAC     
Althaea il Salto del LupoExcellent 2  res. CAC     
Quixa Passo del LupoExcellent 3      
Naike Olim PalusVery Good 4      
Astracannot be juged      
Champion Class
Vacuna Passo del LupoExcellent 1BOBBest Female     
Gradisca Olim PalusExcellent 2